Most of my life has passed by like a dream. Nothing has stood out, there is no defining moment or event that I’ll remember forever. I’ve just gone through the motions: going to school, looking for work, hanging with friends. But nothing ever grabbed my attention; there was no purpose to it all. Then I started writing The Gam3.

For the first time I felt as though I had purpose, drive, this was the first time I really put my all into anything, and it felt good. What was even more amazing was the response that I’ve gotten, the fans who have continued to share the story with others, post helpful comments, buy the book, and leave reviews. A large part of this decision has only been made possible by you guys, who have supported The Gam3.

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Edit note: Archived for humor’s sake. How naive I was…

As you’ve probably noticed, nothing is here, and won’t be for a week or so. I’ll publish here chapters of my web serial, The Game, as I go about writing it. (Original title, I know.) This is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Feel free to criticize, point out errors, note things I should improve and whatnot. Let me know what you like as well though!

I’m aiming at updating on a weekly schedule on midnight PST Fridays, but who knows how that will turn out as I’m currently a college student.