The Gam3:

The Earth is changing. The alien invasion brought social upheaval, advanced technology, and an armada of peacekeeping robots. But Alan, a college student pursuing a now-useless degree, cares little about all of this. He has only one thing on his mind: the Game.

A fully immersive virtual reality, the Game appears to be a major part of the invading civilization. Alan can’t wait to play, recklessly diving into the digital universe. Soon though, Alan realizes the Game is anything but simple, and the stakes are higher than he ever imagined.

The Author:

Written by Ephemerality a.k.a. Cosimo Yap a.k.a. Alan. The author is an avid devourer of games, books, web fiction, manga, TV and anime, with far too many dreams. The Gam3 can also be found on RoyalRoadl and Amazon.

Updated biweekly sometime near Monday and Friday. Probably. Bonus chapters unlocked with Patreon support.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/perenniality314

Email: ephemerality314@gmail.com.

67 comments on “About

  1. Adrian says:

    Hi Cosimo! This is a fantastic book series. Found it on Audible, and I really can’t wait for the 3rd one. Unfortunately I see that the work stopped over half year ago. Is there any reason? Is there a way we can incentivise you to keep writing this awesome story?!?


  2. TDM says:

    Just cast my weekly vote, second week in a row, now that I know the story is active again. Do you plan to continue to post chapters here? Alternatively, any update on the ETA of the book release? I want to see Alan recover from his setback/betrayal and get back into the prison!!! (Erm… I mean… be a stalwart defender of his failing guild… or something like that.)


  3. susk8 says:

    I love your books!!! Listening to them for the 3rd time now. I cant wait for book 3!


  4. Aidan M says:

    Best litRPG series out there,
    Listening for the 3rd time!

    Thank you, good luck!


  5. Anonymous says:

    yes. book 3 please


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