2020 Update

Hello everyone. People have been wondering when book four will come out, and I plan to start posting chapters early 2021. I’ve been working on two other novels, one a literary coming-of-age story focusing on internet culture and the other a fantasy litrpg series. The aim is to have both traditionally published, so they probably won’t see the light of day anytime soon. I’ve also had health issues and have dealt with a few complications. Things have stabilized now though!

Recently I’ve been getting outside more—which is very uncharacteristic of me. Towards the end of 2019, I found out that my father has cancer (he seems to be doing well now, after chemo and radiation). One thought he shared with me that continues to rattle around in my head is that oftentimes the biggest regrets in your life aren’t what you have done, but what you haven’t.

Thus, I’ve decided to make the published version of Opening Moves free until the end of February! If you have friends or family or internet acquaintances that might enjoy the novel please share it with them or give the Gam3 a shout out on social media. The best way for stories to get noticed is word of mouth!

May you have a happy and productive year,


4 comments on “2020 Update

  1. Luc says:

    YOURE BACK!! I hope you keep well and go out there and live life to the fullest!


  2. Jay says:

    Keep up the good work, man. Your creativity and imagination are amazing. I really love your books and I hope they keep coming for as long as possible. Best litrpg out!


  3. Anonymous says:

    My absolute favourite series is gam3. So excited for the 4th book!


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