Sacrificial Pieces is out on Amazon!

Sacrificial Pieces is now on Amazon:! What I like to think of as the Gam3’s Prequel Trilogy is done. If you’ve enjoyed the series please leave a rating on Amazon, it makes a massive difference!

I’ve never been one to promote my own work much, and the truth of the matter is I don’t think it’s good enough. Not only is the Gam3 incomparable to many other great series, but the books I’ve written have never been able to stand up to the ideas in my head—the novels I want to write.

It’s been an amazing journey becoming an author and being able to write for a living, but I feel like I’ve let everyone down because I haven’t given writing my all. Instead, my focus has been more on playing games, reading books, watching TV, and consuming content in practically every form imaginable. Five years ago this would have been my dream, but it hasn’t left me fulfilled. Perhaps it’s just human nature but I’m not content with where I’m at. I’m not happy with my work so far, with my life so far, and with the world so far. I hope to fix all that, though changing the world is probably wishful thinking.

So I’m going to continue to write something else. That means the Gam3 will probably take a longer hiatus than I intended. To be honest, I’m not sure how long it will be, but I have every intention of continuing Alan’s story, and hopefully when I do return I have the ability to bring the characters and universe to life in a way I haven’t managed yet. I want to level up my writing abilities, and right now I think the best way to do that is to focus on another story for a while.

If you want to be kept updated follow me here, on RoyalRoad, or on Twitter. The audiobook will be released by late April.

Thanks for reading my work so far, and I hope to publish another series someday soon!


17 comments on “Sacrificial Pieces is out on Amazon!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude … Link the book …


  2. Anonymous says:

    How long for the audio book mate 😀


  3. asunasenpai says:

    Don’t feel down about your work, This is the story I aspire to write whenever I try to start. I always feel anything I start is inadequate and delete whatever I typed. You got past that hurdle and made it to the top. you probably feel down because how much shit others in the comment section give you for taking your time writing and taking needed breaks. It’s not them not liking the story, The gam3 was literally crack and if your dealer goes missing people get upset. But you should be proud of writing a story that draws your readers in. Be proud of this and any other story you go on to produce.


  4. TjStorm says:

    Hello Matey,
    First, I would like to say; you are dead wrong about your writing quality, especially gor the first and second books.
    When i read the first, I was immediately hooked, and frantically searched for you, trying to fund updates for the second book. And lo, i found this site, and started devouring your story, and about halfway through, you released your second book Earths Gambit.

    I do agree that your writing started dropping off in the third installment, but I think that is not indicative of your skills, rather more an indication of your drive waning.

    Personally, I think you should have said that your not feeling the story any more, and taking a break for something else, with maybe a re-write later, as it was torturous waiting and hoping you were coming back, especially on your november hiatus.

    Do what you need to do, be honest about how you are feeling, about the time you need to take, and recognise when you need to drop a story.

    I would personally like to thank you for the Gam3 series so far, and I look forward to your future works. I will be downloading and reading your third book as soon as I have finished the Threadbare series.

    Kindest Regards,

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  5. Anonymous says:

    The Gam3 has the best premise of any of the dozens and dozens of LitRPGs I’ve read. I look forward to reading your next series Ephemerality!

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  6. JNSB says:

    This is in my top 5 novels of all times. I cant tell u just how much I love it. Trust me i have read tons of books in dis genre so I know wot I’m talking about. Right now I have 46 pages open on my mobile, 37 of them are books that I’m either reading or waiting for updates. I have never written a comment on your website and the only reason I am doing it is becuz of you saying your writing quality is bad. It’s okay to be modest but I can’t even tell you just how wrong you are. I hate to write on MT mobile cuz it keeps trying to translate to my native language… Anyways keep up the good work, your story is awesome. Resto all you Sant and know that when you come back I will be here

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  7. John Ham says:

    Thank you for taking us on this journey with you, especially if it has been a difficult one for you. I feel like you have made fans for life and we all wish you luck and enjoyment in your future projects.

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  8. ThatDude says:

    Thanks for your work, Cosimo. It’s okay to take some time off, but please do not make it too long. Try to identify what exactly it is that makes you to want shut down Gam3 and focus on the other project. It’s just an idea, so that you don’t end up in same pickle with two big projects waiting to be finished instead of just one. Maybe find someone who can support you in the process be that motivational support or just someone to bounce ideas from. Well, anything you are up to I wish you good luck and please let us read some of your stories in future!


  9. Logan Fish says:

    Is it possible to sell direct from your site instead as well as Amazon? Sacrificial Pieces is ‘currently unavailable’ in my region 😦 and I’m dying here not knowing what happens with Alan and I need to know if Katana become a Jedi or something!


  10. Cyrus Folami says:

    just finished the last book of the trilogy. Mind blown. I was mentally with Alen at the end. To end only to find out the truth. This has been one of the best lit rpg’s Ive read so far. I know you feel less adequate but I think thats kinda necessary for growth. In saying that, I also think you are being a bit hard on yourself. I know hearing that for a person who is trying to make an impact is mind numbingly tiresome though. You did great in my opinion. Its great that you are deciding to move forward regardless of how you feel.. Im sure one day, you will look back on this trilogy and think fondly of it

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  11. Discadae says:

    So while the story is very good, one ive loved since i started reading it, I have one question. If Alan has weak predecessor blood from the boss in the abyss labrynth and generates it, why would he go into withdrawl. Also, how does anyone without pred blood use soulsteel? Are they all using vials off of killed preds? Cause that seems like an endgame credit sink that very few could afford.


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