Time stopped, and beings descended. They examined the frozen scene. A Predecessor in the midst of death, a Traveller erasing himself.

Wipe the entire server. It’s time we started from scratch.

No. There are too many ongoing storylines, too many resources already devoted to this project.

Reverse time. Fork it.

No. The Gam3 will not be restored by backups. Play with a copy on your private server.

It’s not the same. You never provide true copies.

Who gave the Traveller this ability?

The Weaver. They will be reprimanded.

How do we balance this?

A mind wipe, a few restorations.

The Traveller still succeeded. The Predecessor still died. They should each reap the consequences.

The Traveller was deleted.

We could make an exception.

No. Once one exception is made, many will follow.

Why not? They proved themselves a Major Player. Maybe even Ascendant material.

It is a unique circumstance, brought upon by one of our own.

No. We are to be objective. Rules must be followed.

Lighten up. What’s the use of being gods if we can’t take advantage of it?

I agree.

He is corrupted. The information provided is not reliable. Let him remain deleted.

Restore him, but remove the corruption.

Fine. An exception will be made. This is the only one.

That’s what you said last time.

Quiet. The rest of you return to your games, I have work to do.

Time resumed.


Alan awoke in his Home. Or at least, that’s where he thought he was.

Alan tried to connect to the Administrator, but couldn’t. His implants were missing. No, not only his implants. Everything was gone: his abilities, his stats, his equipment. He was standing there naked.

“What’s going on? Where am I?” Alan asked.

“Greetings Anomaly, you are currently on the Main Network,” the Administrator said.

“What happened to me, where are my levels, my equipment?” Alan asked.

“Error. I do not have permission to access the required files. Please wait a moment.” The Administrator’s head twitched, and then its eyes glowed red. Something else had taken over.

“The Traveller Alan has been deleted. You have been restored from the latest backup and given the memories of Alan before his self-deletion.”

“I’m, I’m what? A copy?” Alan asked.

“You are a perfect restoration. No more, no less, than the Traveller Alan moments before his death,” the Administrator said.

“What happened in the Game? Did the Empire collapse, are my parents okay?”

The Administrator gave Alan a questioning look. “You have never entered the Game, Anomaly. Only the Gam3, the third simulated version of the Game.”

“Explain to me the difference. Didn’t the Lords of Life win the Game?”

“No. The primary Game, technically the Gam1 though no one calls it that, has never been won. It expands outward too quickly for any to take complete control of space, the necessary requirement to beat it.”

“What are the different copies of the Game then? If I was in the third, what about the others? How many are there?”

“Five main simulations, with many smaller versions. The primary Game, the arbiter of reality, may only be entered once by sentient life. Once you die within the Game that is it, you may not re-enter. No respawns.

“The Gam2 is the military boot camp required to enter the Game. The majority of combat is dictated by drones and spaceships firing lasers at each other from vast distances. A minimum of Major Player status in the Gam3 must be reached to be eligible for the Gam2.

“The Gam3 is the main entertainment simulation designed to be humanoid friendly. It is also designed to discover the Travellers that are worthy of cultivation and those that are to be deleted.

“The Gam4 is used to simulate specific battles or setups within any of the previous Games. A sandbox, as you might call it.

“The Gam5 is used to experiment and create new life and technology. Seed worlds are hosted on this server, as well as many educational facilities.”

“Okay,” Alan said. “Tell me about the Gam3. Has the Extinction Event ended? What happened to my friends, my family?”

“The Extinction Event ended 32 days ago, Gam3 standard time. I am uncertain who you would consider a friend, and have no record of any family,” the Administrator said.

“No family? The Traveller Alan’s family, then,” Alan said.

“As punishment for breaking the rules of the Gam3 the Traveller Alan and all associated data was purged. Non-essential data is routinely deleted.”

“Deleted? What do you mean, you can’t go around and delete people. My parents were on a ship to colonize hospitable planets. From Earth, my home planet. You know Earth, don’t you?” Alan asked.

“The seed world Earth is functioning normally. Non-travelers not connected to an active Player are deleted on a set schedule.”

Alan stopped. He grabbed the Administrator. “What is a seed world?”

“A seed world is a world created to populate the game servers.”

“No, no that can’t be. Earth…Earth can’t be a simulation. If that’s true, that means that I’m, I’m an AI?”

“By your definition, yes,” the Administrator said. “The vast majority of Players and Travelers are AI. Information is hidden to ensure they perform as intended.”

Alan started laughing uncontrollably. It was a sick joke, but the Gam3 turned out to just be a game after all. Only, it wasn’t for Earth, or humans, or Travelers. It was a game for Ascendants. Beings with such power, such scale, that they were able to act as gods and do as they pleased.

Alan was a mother fucking NPC.

The long flights in real life, those were loading screens. Alan hadn’t been traveling between galaxies, but networks. Everything in “real life” had always felt fake, and now Alan knew why. It was fake, a simulated version of reality. But what was reality then, if Alan had never been there?

“What am I supposed to do now, is there any way to restore deleted data?”

“A unique set of rules binds each Anomaly. You are allowed to find work or re-enter the Gam3 as a beginning player,” the Administrator said. “You are to prove yourself worthy of restoration within 100 standard days by achieving Major Player status or face deletion. Other requirements may be raised. Only Ascendants may restore deleted data, with the permission of the Authorities.”

“Khersath, my place of residence in what I considered real life. Where would that be? Is that location available, or has it been deleted?”

“As the Black Rose guild is still an active guild within the Gam3, the area still exists within the Gam5. A rank B capsule in the Traveler Alan’s possession was kept active and undeleted due to its importance to the Gam3.”

Alan considered his options, then shook his head. Who was he kidding? He would re-enter the Gam3. This time though, he knew what the Emperor meant by true enemies. The Ascendants would pay.

Alan decided there and then that he would stop playing to win. Instead, he would make sure everyone else lost.

Fuck, Alan thought, I just lost the game.

83 comments on “Epilogue

  1. Ephemerality says:

    That’s it. The end of what I like to think of as the first Gam3 trilogy. Alan (Alan 2.0?) will continue his journey in the near future, but I will take a short hiatus. It’s hard to imagine that I started writing this story over three years ago. A lot has changed since then, but also not enough.

    I have to admit I got burned out a few times, and the only thing that brought me back to writing and continuing the series was readers like you. I didn’t want to disappoint you guys, and hope I don’t. I really appreciate all the support given: through comments, through emails, through reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and RoyalRoad, through sharing the story with a friend, through votes on topwebfiction.com, through Patreon, and through Paypal (which is my email: ephemerality314@gmail.com). It all means more than you can know.

    That being said, unless this book sells exceptionally well, or there is a sudden influx of readers, I probably am going to slow down a bit. (I’ll also probably make a separate post discussing why I shut down my Patreon.) I’ve become a bit bored with the Gam3. I want to explore new stories, new worlds. I’m still going to try to put out at least one chapter a week, so the story is finished eventually, but they might be on the shorter side.

    Thanks for reading! Good luck and have fun.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Zach says:

      Thanks so much for the story I’ve been reading your work for years and I’ve really enjoyed it
      Good luck with your future works I look forward to reading them


    • Anonymous says:

      I’m in love with The Gam3, but if you want to write a different story, that’s fine too.

      I’m actually somewhat disappointed that you never wrote additional chapters for The Death Game.


    • Stephen King aimed for 1% of online readers buying a book. 1% seems like a good goal for most online authors, from what I’ve seen reported.

      So if you have 20,000 readers, you might sell 200 books. I believe you’ll have more success from Patreon than from purely selling books. I.e. you’ll have more success giving those who monetarily support you more chances to monetarily support you than you will by trying to convince people to start monetarily supporting you.

      In the end, though, consistency is key. If you keep taking long breaks or slow down, those who supported you will drift away and as mentioned they’re hard to replace.

      Whatever you decide, though, good luck!


      • Ivan Johnson says:

        >If you keep taking long breaks or slow down, those who supported you will drift away

        Really? Maybe my tastes don’t vary as much over time as other people’s, but I’m always happy to see a notification saying that an author’s come back from a year long hiatus.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Bart says:

        I’m not really sure what you’re saying here. Because it kind of sounds like you’re saying that you continued to financially support an author over a year-long hiatus? Did you really?


      • qaz says:


        I think BartHumphries wants to say that rather than trying to publish a traditional “book” it’s likely author would get more money by something like Patreon + regular updates, but that requires “regular updates”.


    • Ivan Johnson says:

      btw, the support page hasn’t been update to reflect the fact that you’re not on Patreon anymore:



    • Cody. says:

      Hmmm, short break yeah right lol, wouldn’t buy if ebook price is over £3 as too expensive then for e-books for me at least.

      If do new series just hope good as last time you did new one it was terrible but can certainly understand why you would want to try New series.


    • Eshido says:

      Rotating through different stories may help to keep your enthusiasm going. Even if you drop this series for a a couple others for a while, you may be surprised with what you come up with while writing on other projects.


    • qaz says:

      Thank you very much for completing this book!

      The end was quite sudden and felt somewhat rushed but not bad at all and rather logical. I’m eagerly awaiting your next book or story (and hope that other stories would be of similar “style”).


    • LuckeyB says:

      You should make chapters from other people’s point of view if you pick it up again. Alan was always detached from reality, so it makes sense it made you detached from the story. Look forward to reading your other stuff.


    • Tim Vowels says:

      Good Morning, I really enjoyed your books. I was lost a bit at time due to the changes of loyalties. I was able to reconnect easily enough. I listened to the 1st 2 books then read the 3rd. I am ADD and its tough to read but your book kept me intrigued and I was able to maintain. Thank you for your time writing a book that made my mind expand as well as keep my attention. That in its self is saying a lot. Again thank you for your fortitude and writing ability.

      Tim V


  2. Anonymous says:

    hey man, been following along as you’ve been writing all of this and i wanted to thank you for a great story. also, i love the trollish last line 🙂


  3. Sameth says:

    Wow. I somehow expected this but didn’t think it would really end up like this.
    I’m really looking forward to the MajorPlayer-Crashcourse with Alan 2.0

    Thank you for 3 epic books 🙂


  4. Tatsy says:

    Thank you much for your work.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I have no god damn idea how long ago I started reading but I have memories of checking this website each day for a new chapter. I was already completely invested again when you continued writing after the long hiatus. This ending is one I never even thought of and it makes me have even bigger hopes than I already did. Don’t be scared of disappointing me because you always did the opposite. I look forward to your future projects and continuation of this series. Love you Eph.


  6. LazyAlex says:

    it was a fun ride.


  7. Dead says:

    Well hell. Where are we? Gam9000? Kinda explains how we live in the worst timeline without hoverboards.


  8. Kris says:

    Damn. Sad to see it over. Loved every second. Can’t wait for the audio book. Any idea on how long a wait for a new series? I know that’s a lot to ask but I’m a addict. I crave more.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you. It is about the best story I’ve read. Thank you so much.


  10. oblivious says:

    Great arc, thanks for writing it. Alan starts out prepared to become a monster, and is enlightened into selflessness (though I’m not sure when that happened), culminating into a literal enlightenment. Then he finds out the planet and people he sacrificed himself for were a simulation, facing deletion as a matter of routine maintenance.
    I’m guessing that capsule was restored because Lambda was on it.
    We still don’t have anyone saying what a Traveler is! And Alan’s corruption is being removed without explaining what it was!
    “Non-travelers not connected to an active Player are deleted on a set schedule.” Is this to say that the Gam3 accounts were deleted because Alan’s parents weren’t playing them, or that the Gam5 parents were deleted because Gam3 Alan was deleted?
    “As the Black Rose guild is still an active guild within the Gam3, the area still exists within the Gam5.” This leaves me with similar questions as above. It sounds like Gam5 only exists to populate Gam3, so anything in Gam5 that loses connection to Gam3 is unnecessary and gets deleted. This is related to Khersath on Gam5 being so desolate, maybe.
    It sounds like there’s a life cycle for seed planets being alluded to, here. Like Earth is safe because it’s still new, but Khersath is only still around on Gam5 because Ellisandra sleeps there.


    • Muffin says:

      That doesn’t hold. As soon as you allow bidirectional communications between two seeds on Gam5 you can’t safely delete one and simultaneously hold consistence in the other.


      • oblivious says:

        yeah, it would require that someone deleted from gam5 be deleted from everyone’s memories and that reality be re-written. Or maybe just that the AI be programmed to not notice how odd it is when a planet is deleted. It sounds absurd enough that it’s likely I’ve misunderstood, but at the same time it seems like we’re supposed to see the ascendants as callous and worth rebelling against.


      • theart0fwar says:

        Yeah well the point is that no one gives any shit about the gam5. The ones that really matter, the special NPCs from the gam5 called ‘Travelers’ that have access to the gam3… stay in the gam3. The NPCs in the gam5 just provide backstories to these Travelers, and as soon as Travelers stop logging off and visiting the gam5 (that happened with Alan, you can see how his implants being upgraded didn’t even require him to go to the gam5…) after a long period of time, the relevant gam5 seed planets just stop existing. They don’t influence the gam3 anymore, so who cares?


    • theart0fwar says:

      > “Non-travelers not connected to an active Player are deleted on a set schedule.” Is this to say that the Gam3 accounts were deleted because Alan’s parents weren’t playing them, or that the Gam5 parents were deleted because Gam3 Alan was deleted?

      Recall [the Traveller Alan and all associated data was purged.] and [Non-essential data is routinely deleted]. Imo, Alan’s parents where never intended to be Travelers. They were just background stories for a NPC. So I’d say 2nd option, but I’m pretty sure Alan’s parents were never as… important… as Alan?

      > “As the Black Rose guild is still an active guild within the Gam3, the area still exists within the Gam5.” This leaves me with similar questions as above. It sounds like Gam5 only exists to populate Gam3, so anything in Gam5 that loses connection to Gam3 is unnecessary and gets deleted.

      Gam5 is the “reality”. That is, the process that spawns NPCs, also called Travelers. Travelers populate the gam3, which is the entertainment hub for people outside of the Game (Authorities) and NPCs having gained *something more* and ascended from gam3 to gam2 (the Ascendants). The questline “Ascend” rewards you with access to the gam2, and, afterward, the gam1, which is the only Game that really matters. The rest is background noise and experiments on how to win the gam1.

      Ascendants and Authorities give absolutely 0 shits about the gam5. It’s only there to populate the gam3, which is –almost– completely meaningless compared to the gam1. So yeah, once you’re in the gam5 but refuse to play the gam3, you disappear. Cause then you’re just a NPC that suddenly lost its only purpose.

      > It sounds like there’s a life cycle for seed planets being alluded to, here. Like Earth is safe because it’s still new, but Khersath is only still around on Gam5 because Ellisandra sleeps there.

      Well, heh… you know when the Administrator referred to his species as ‘extinct’ because they didn’t have any presence in the game?

      That’s basically that. Once a species start having no impact on the gam3, they are… removed. Their seed planet is destroyed. Woosh! And that won’t happen to the Earth anytime soon, but for older planets that don’t have any influence outside of the gam5…


      • Anonymous says:

        Deleted on a set schedule might just mean limits on lifespan as well as other types of thing like diseases and illness as modifiers/density removers.


    • Jay says:

      “Is this to say that the Gam3 accounts were deleted because Alan’s parents weren’t playing them, or that the Gam5 parents were deleted because Gam3 Alan was deleted?”

      No, it’s saying that his parents were background npcs. They serve no purpose with “traveler” NPC Alan gone, so they were garbage-collected away.

      Why that disappearance would seem okay or natural to any other consciousnesses in the game, I have no clue…


      • oblivious says:

        I like the term ‘garbage collection’ for it.
        I think you and art0fwar are wrong about ‘Travelers.’ Daisy and Kitana are both Players from gam5 Earth, but we have no indication that they’re Travelers.


  11. A Buffalo says:

    Noooooo…. Alan lost all his OP abilities. He’s gonna start from scratch huh?

    Thanks a lot for the series! It was a fun ride.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Awesome series thank you! Hope all goes well with he new projects! There are so many out there that enjoy your work! Stay safe!


  13. oblivious says:

    If Alan has 100 days to become a Major Player, then his starting location is going to be really important. Travel time could eat in to those 100 days pretty fast.
    Going back to Lambda’s description of different AI operating systems and how he is different from Eve or an administrator, it sounds like Lambda is an early version of Players, not of administrator-type AI. Maybe the Lambda/Cerberus type AI were found deficient, so the Ascendants starting using seed worlds to evolve Players instead of creating them directly.
    The idea of an MMO where the NPCs all act like they’re players of an MMO is pretty good. That should be a real game.


  14. Graham says:

    my mind is blown, did not see that coming. i really enjoyed the series. and keep up the good work


  15. izikblu says:

    > caches up on thing the same day the first trilogy gets completed… I guess I better go look for more to read since there’s never enough apparently…


    • izikblu says:



    • Ivan Johnson says:

      Here’s a few of my favorite LitRPGs:

      Ritualist by Dakota Krout (2+ books). I haven’t enjoyed a series this much since I first discovered The Gam3.

      Bobiverse by Dennis E. Taylor (3 books; IIRC there’s going to be a side-story soon). This isn’t a LitRPG, but it’s still amazing. I enjoy it for the same reasons that I enjoy The Gam3 (human-like AIs); plus the author handels the basic science of intersteller travel (i.e. if it takes 10 years to get from solar system A to system B, the traveller might only age 5 years depending on how close to the speed of light they were moving at) very well.

      Ascend Online by Luke Chmilenko (2 independent books, plus one that combines the two story arcs). Not as good as The Gam3 / Ritualist / Bobiverse, but it’s still one of the best LitRPGs I’ve read.

      Honorable mentions:

      Viridian Gate Online by J. A. Hunter

      Life Reset by Shemer Kuznits

      Stonehaven League by Carrie Summers

      Sufficiently Advanced Magic by Andrew Rowe (not a LitRPG, but I enjoy it anyways)


  16. Anonymous says:

    Extremely entertaining, thank you for sharing your imagination and thank you especially for finishing the story! =D
    All the best


  17. AM says:

    I’m slightly confused. Are Alan’s parents deleted? What about people like Kitana, Icewolf etc? Other people like Aurora, Sidestep etc? They’re all “associated data” with Alan after all.

    If he succeeded in his 100 days Major Player quest, does that mean he is off a probation and can continue to live? Or does that all the “other associated data” will be restored?

    Also, I am really interested in the fate of the others. Could you maybe write another short epilogue where you briefly touch upon the fates of the other characters? I so badly want to see what the repercussions of Alan’s massive and literally game changing actions are on the rest of the characters and Gam3 in general.


    • theart0fwar says:

      > Are Alan’s parents deleted?

      Yes, they only ever existed in the gam5. They’re just a background story for Alan, who’s a NPC of the gam3.

      > What about people like Kitana, Icewolf etc? Other people like Aurora, Sidestep etc?

      They’re all NPCs of the gam3. They keep existing, of course. They only removed Alan’s parents cause as Alan died, his parents had no reasons to exist anymore, as they had no influence over the gam3.

      If Alan had continued playing the gam3 without ever going back to the gam5, then his parents would have been deleted anyway.

      > If he succeeded in his 100 days Major Player quest, does that mean he is off a probation and can continue to live? Or does that all the “other associated data” will be restored?

      No real reason to restore his parents imo, since he knows they aren’t… well, real.


      • oblivious says:

        I think maybe they were deleted back when Alan moved to Khersath. That whole ‘colony ship’ story seems like an in-universe explanation for the garbage collection. Like a pet moving out to a farm in the country.


  18. Toron says:

    Thanks for your work. I just can’t shake the feeling that this “ending” is kinda rushed. The whole last few chapters since he lost eve the charakter changes so much and rushes towards the end that i get this feeling of “it has to end now”. What I’m missing is the flow of the story it had in the beginning. Yes I know that is quite vague.


    • Jay says:

      Yeah the book completely changed.. after everything slowly building for book after book, suddenly almost none of it matters and Alan is dueling the Emperor. I just have trouble accepting what Alan did at all.


      • Cody. says:

        I agree felt rushed but honestly just think author wanted to end series as fast as he could and this was the result.


    • VonRidel says:

      The last several chapters scream, “Get me the f*** out of this nightmare!” by the author throwing half developed writing and ideas, poorly written, onto a page to get it done and gone so he can move on with his life.

      Book 3 will not stand up to Books 1 & 2 without MAJOR rewrites of the second half of the book. Good thing is, it’s not too late and he can do just that – and I think he will…maybe…if he does not buy any new video games any time soon or just say f*** it.


  19. Anonymous says:

    H O L Y S H I T. Here i was thinking that my mind couldn’t be blown once again and instead I’m wrong as wrong can be. Damn that was a good ending


  20. MurkyTruths says:

    AMAZING! I’ve been following your story for years and I have to say that it’s absolutely fantastic! Thank you for sharing Alan’s tale with me


  21. Anonymous says:

    A work of art and, if properly marketed, a Hugo and a money maker. It’s only your limitations at self promotion that is holding you back from monetary success, strongly suggest external augmentation….talk to Vernor Venge.


  22. Anonymous says:

    My only question is this:

    How do you pronounce the names of all the other games?

    “The Gam-five”? “The Game-four”? Or is it just pronounced “The Game” and the system conveys your intent, just like it translates languages?


  23. Anonymous says:

    I’m really looking forward to buying the Kindle & Audible editions!


  24. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the story. It’s an incredible read up until the Abyss labyrinth. I think your burn out/boredom showed with the incredible leaps of impact. I hate to say it since this world was one of my favorites, but if it’ll take a huge influx of readers for you to continue that’s not likely to happen with he way it’s currently structured.

    Again, thanks for the story. I’m looking forward to any work you put out that you have an interest in.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anonymous says:

      It hurts me to say this, but I agree: book three feels rushed. I can only hope that the revision process can fix it up before it gets released on Amazon.

      Don’t get me wrong, I still loved book three; but if this is actually caused by Ephemerality’s burn-outs, then I’d rather have The Gam3 stop here and hear a story that Ephemerality actually wants to tell.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yea. So many people were saying how awesome the book was I kept quiet, but whether or not this was the planned ending, it feels like it was rushed to it. You had this amazing plot and story and it felt like you decided to shut up all the commenters by ending it in the most expedient way possible. It ends feeling incomplete and rushed, and the only real feeling I see is the authors feeling of joy now that the story is complete.


  25. Cody. says:

    That’s a terrible way to end when still so open ended but what can you do.????


  26. dan.p says:

    Welcome to “Who’s Gam3 is it Anyways”, where everythings made up and the points dont matter anyways.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the stories, they have been very entertaining. I’ll buy the book when released, for two reasons:

    1) I like the story

    2) In hope one day, it may inspire you to continue.

    Until then stay safe, keep writing and for the love of god stop whingeing like a Bitch!


  28. justafan says:

    so how long will the estimated time that I have to wait for the second trilogy? just don’t wanna check here everyday and feeling hopeless for many years to come. thanks


  29. CCaprice says:

    Amazing series mate. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

    Less like Alan lost the game and more like he beat the tutorial.


  30. Anonymous says:

    Great end of the gam3.
    Good luck with new projekts


  31. pat says:

    Thanks for the story. Good luck and I hope you continue to write .You are a very creative writer. Life is long and hopefully your readers will meet you again on the road.


  32. Rob says:



  33. Anonymous says:

    “Fuck, Alan thought, I just lost the game.”

    Mfw this was a 3 year long ploy to get us all to lose The Game


  34. Sir says:

    Pretty good ending… So his final reward is knowledge about the true nature of the world, but he’s back to square one otherwise ? It would be interesting to see if he can still reap some benefits from his previous actions, and get back Eve and Lambda.

    Reaching minor omniscience at the last moment was really cool but it’s a shame that it was so short-lived. Hopefully, the next book will see him reach higher levels of power than before and explore a bit more some ideas like self-modifications, technological research and so on.

    However, I don’t understand his motivations for the last sentences, when he wants to make the Ascendants pay and make everyone else lose. That bit made him sound like an edgy emo again.

    If I understand correctly, he’s angry because he just learned that his whole life is an artificial simulation ran by the Ascendants, and that what he held dear was just background data ?

    But in my opinion, such revelation would instead be very freeing, he no longer needs to feel attached to his old life and he can freely give his all to reaching the top, improve himself and climb to higher-tier simulations. What’s more, the ascendants revived him, so he should be grateful to them.

    It’s also interesting to understand that every time he died in the gam3, he was restored in a similar way from a backup.


    • Malcolm says:

      You where just tolled that your parans where deleted beacuse in the opinion off ‘god’ they where no longer needed. Your reaction is to thank god for freeing you from your family? I at least like ny family!


      • Sir says:

        They were deleted because he broke the rules. But from what I understand, he can restore them later if he proves himself.


  35. Cody. says:

    I mean come on what happened to and with Eve and lambda? And making so he not real or anything in it just all an experiment sigh. 😪😫😓😭😌😱

    It’s sad when author manages to make great work but then just wants done with it.


    • Anonymous says:

      So ur life revolves around trashing other people’s works. U have put what like 5 different post saying how shit it was, where is your 3 books mate that you have devoted the last 3 years of ur life on.


  36. Jaba says:

    well ship to pred was sweet. some great outside of the box thinking.. still overall kinda meh.. not sore about the forking branching retoring.. and gamX worlds copying deleting.. meh..
    But the 100 days to make up sounds decent..

    You should revisit the other litrpg you started the goblin attack one in the other bloggin your site..


  37. Ken says:

    Great stories. I’ve loved everyone one of the books and recommended to multiple friends. I hope you recharge your batteries and I look forward to more updates on the Gam3! Keep up the great work!


  38. Anonymous says:

    When I first read this story I thought at first he never left the tutorial and the whole story would just be a simulation to figure out which class he should get to really begin the game.


  39. Anonymous says:

    The table of contents is out of date, this epilogue and the last chapter are missing from it.


  40. Jaba says:

    so what does he writes now? there was a series about a goblin attack the he, yes you, you who read this go and start writing that thing you started in 2016 or so, back to the salt mines!
    no i mean you could look at it in the epmerility road site whatever


  41. Apollos Thorne says:

    It’s live!


  42. Anonymous says:

    i’ve been going 7 months without losing the game, and now i just read that last sentence. damn it.


  43. Hmm dont remember how I got here exactly but it was nice to read the epilogue again I had forgotten how twisty things had gotten at the end there.


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