Japan Misadventures

Sorry, this is not a new chapter. If you want to know why there’s no new chapter, read on. Warning, there may be some semi-gross details of sickness and butt stuff (no, not the sexual kind).

I should have known things were going to be bad when I threw up over myself on the plane as it descended into Japan. I remember thinking, surely, this has to be the worst part of the trip. It’s only up from here. How wrong I was.

There are a number of factors that led to me throwing up on that flight. First, I was dehydrated. Like an idiot, I didn’t want to get up too much to use the bathroom, so I didn’t drink enough fluids or drank coke, which dehydrated me further. Second, I ate this lukewarm curry on the flight that I should never have touched. Due to various food allergies, I ended up with a different, “allergen-free” meal. The trouble is, I have no idea from whence this meal came (I think it was leftover stuff they had lying around) or how old it was. I only know that I threw up minutes to hours after eating it. Finally, I apparently get motion sick from long airplane trips, my inner ear gets messed up or something. If I stand up too fast I get vertigo. Sitting here, typing this, if I close my eyes and focus just the wrong way the whole world starts spinning slightly.

I managed to avoid throwing up over anyone else and made it to the bathroom in time (shoving my way past a startled flight attendant, who kindly asked me if I was okay moments after seeing puke come out of my mouth.) I cleaned up as best I could, threw away one of my favorite sweatshirts, and ended up covering myself with a blanket. I eventually made it to an airport bathroom, washed as much as I could, changed into clean clothes, and brushed my teeth. That’s the end of that, I thought as I went through customs.

But it wasn’t. Why? Because the dehydration effects didn’t immediately go away. For a while I was light-headed, fatigued, something was wrong. And it basically ate a day of the trip. A day filled with diarrhea, caused by either the curry or dehydration or some combination of the two.

And it got worse on the second day when I decided to visit Osaka Castle. How did it get worse? On the 2nd floor of Osaka Castle, in the only public bathroom, I was taking a whizz. And I had a minor urge to fart. To let one rip. So I did, except it was a wet fart and more than just gas came out. So I shambled into a bathroom stall as I tried to figure out what I was going to do.

I was in Osaka Castle, one of the busiest tourist destinations with Japanese schoolchildren and tour groups swarming outside. And I had just shit myself. And I had no change in underpants. And it could happen again.

I made it out alive, somehow, to the nearest convenience store where I purchased a new set of underwear, which I put on in the bathroom. And that’s all I’ll say about that incident.

I would like to at this moment thank Japan in general for being home to the one place in the world where a number of public bathrooms have bidets, and just for their cleanliness overall. I did my best to be as sanitary as I could during this whole ordeal, and the bidets definitely helped. Still sucked being sick, but glad I was in Japan when it happened.

The motion-sickness-food-poisoning-dehydration-illness cleared up by the next day. I was finally able to get back on track and use my Universal Studios ticket that I’d pre-ordered (no refund allowed). I had a great time there, and lines weren’t a problem with single rider lines, though I avoided the most intense roller coaster after a minor bout of vertigo. The Halloween festivities were awesome too, though I did feel a bit mean-spirited laughing at Japanese schoolgirls running away from zombies. Just kidding, it was hilarious. I capped the night off by trying Wagyu A5 Kobe beef, which was excellent.

Two days later I caught a bad cold. Which was, again, at least partially my fault. But I’d take the exact same path, with the exact same sickness, every time.

By this point in the trip, I had already lost time, so I was pushing my body, even if it was still recovering. So, on a rainy day in Kyoto, visiting Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine, I decided to not go with the flow of tourists through the sea of red gates, but hike up Mt. Inari instead.

Now, this was a rainy day, and I didn’t bring hiking shoes. This meant my feet got wet, and there were mud and puddles on the path. I didn’t care. I was healthy again. I felt warm. If things got rough, I’d just turn back. And, hiking through the bamboo forest felt special. There was no one else brave enough (or dumb enough) to walk on this trail, so for the first time in Japan, I felt like I was alone. It was serene, peaceful, idyllic.

And then I turned the corner. There was a small private graveyard and it was breathtaking, hauntingly beautiful. It was as if the scene had jumped out of one of my favorite video games, Dark Souls. This place, or a similar Shinto cemetery, has to have influenced the art design.

A quiet, secluded area on a rainy day. A note of clear silence in a wash of white noise. I don’t know how to put the feeling into words, what I write doesn’t seem to be enough.

Perhaps simple words are best.

I was hiking on an unknown trail, and out of a mountain of green bamboo emerged this quiet grey resting spot.

I did take a few photos with my phone, but they really don’t do this place any service, so I’ll only say you’ll need to go up this side trail on a rainy day yourself one day.

Anyways, walking through the rain, on a muddy trail, the results seem obvious but hindsight is 20/20. My shoes, feet, and the bottom of my jeans got wet. My immune system was already weak. So I caught a bad cold. But it was worth it. I hope to carry the memory of that small corner of the world for as long as I live.

Fast forward three to four more days of sickness, unfortunately including my reservation at a ryokan where I couldn’t enjoy the baths because I was sick, and it’s not polite to get others sick even though I really wanted to go and was tempted to be the selfish American (but wasn’t, so go me, I guess, though maybe the heat would’ve killed all the germs and I couldn’t have spread them…no, I had to be content with the ceramic bathtub in my room).

Did I get over the cold? Sure. I also got a bad case of hemorrhoids. Since, well, my diet hadn’t been splendid, I’d spent too much time on toilets, and I did a bunch of sitting around watching shows, reading, or playing pachinko/arcade games. (Not writing, because this shit takes hard work and a clear mind, not sickness and pain.)

And then I took the flight back a few days later (today),  with the hemorrhoids thankfully abating to the point where there’s only mild discomfort and I only need to wear sanitary napkins to catch the minor bleeding.

Would I visit Japan again? Almost certainly. I’d probably also try to drink way more water on that initial flight, but I now have a whole host of new issues that I should probably talk to my doctor about. Anyways, if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing instead of writing, that’s pretty much it.

TL: DR; Stay hydrated, especially on flights. Don’t trust lukewarm airplane food. Don’t push yourself too hard because you’re scared of losing time, you’ll probably waste more time. Roll with the punches. Have an adventure, and good luck, have fun!

Edit: Also, the audiobook for Earth’s Gambit is now released! https://www.audible.com/pd/Sci-Fi-Fantasy/Earths-Gambit-Audiobook/B076VSX24Q

180 comments on “Japan Misadventures

  1. Anonymous says:

    Even Ayn Rand hates John Gault

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Cosimo,

    Any chance you have something for us for Christmas? It would save you sending all of us cards?


  3. nnn says:

    hahaha no cptrs for us the chosen ones lol


  4. Casey says:

    Dying to have an update or a chapter or two!


  5. Evan Johnson says:

    Cosimo- I hope you had a Wonderful and Merry Christmas!


  6. Valentijn says:

    Amazing serie, hope to read more soon!


  7. Anonymous says:

    According to his Twitter he’s been working on another project. He’s trying to release Death Games on RoyalRoadl.com, but as of 1445 PAST it’s still not up.


  8. Anonymous says:

    The Empire 6.2 ?


  9. Jay says:

    Okay, so, what’s worse than people complaining about not releasing your next chapter? When they stop complaining.

    This was a great series. I really did enjoy it immensely. I’ll check back again someday, or maybe the next book will show up as an Amazon suggestion eventually. Or maybe it won’t. But it’s completely clear that your comments in this very thread were lies about your progress (you were somehow almost done with a chapter 8 weeks ago?), and that The Gam3 is not really a priority at all.

    Yes, there’s the start of a new story up on rrl. http://royalroadl.com/fiction/15872/the-death-games

    Maybe I’ll read that one after it’s edited and complete and published. Or again, maybe that won’t happen. Because I’m not sure how you could be ready to release a new chapter here and then not do that and write something different and release that instead.

    Makes me sad.

    Your troll sycophant can add some nonsense here about “snowflakes” wanting free stuff, but I think we all know that he’s just a troll, and not even a reader or a fan.

    Best of luck to all the readers and writers here.


    • Willie Pierce says:

      I said before that if he started a new story and pretty well dropped this one I would put him in my list of authors to avoid.


      • Anonymous says:

        Jay use your real account and stop finding excuses because all you did for those past months is giving us false hope and false promisises be a man and be franc with your real account this time


  10. Anonymous says:

    Yap does not take donations and is under no obligation to meet anyone’s expectations – even if that costs him “fans” such as you. Regardless, Jay is forever triggered by not getting his free stuff or his participation trophy. Try getting a job and paying your way for once snowflake!


  11. justafan says:

    why do I feel that too many people lurking here and too close to knows whose ghost account it is, even though it might not?


  12. Anonymous says:

    Is Empire 6.2 coming out soon?

    Ephemerality : It should be…but I said that last time.


  13. vonridel says:

    This was posted on Cosimo’s Twitter feed a few days ago:

    “Welp, first chapter of the Death Games is going up on RRL. Gonna try some new things, we’ll see how it goes.”

    Don’t expect another post frm him here is my guess. Looks like he is done with The Gam3. It is the most disrespectful “FU!” I have ever seen an author give their fans. This guy is a piece of work.

    I won’t waste my time on anything he does ever again until I see a completely finished product published (as in all the books in a series are completed and I can buy them all at one time).


  14. Leslie. says:

    I agree it does look like the a-hole has given up on gam3 without telling anyone, and started new shit instead that no one wants but him H8 when author’s don’t finish work before moving onto offer shit. What a B’ casino has turned out to be.


  15. justafan says:

    whoa! the hate comments is comings. I knows his new works suck, the opening is rushed, the mc feels like some millennial hipster wannabes going into prison that pretend to knows everything happened there but in fact he don’t know jackshit what’s happening. but as long as this link is not dead at least I still think he still doesn’t want to give up this one. at least that what make me keep checking this site, just relax and wait for some more month just like the last chapter.


  16. Cody. says:

    His new work is so bad makes terrible sound good.


  17. David says:

    Pretty sad about this. Bought the first couple books cuz I enjoyed them and thought he was going somewhere with them. I still feel like he’ll come back eventually, I’m just tired of the B.S.

    Don’t give your word lightly and just keep your base informed. If I check back on this, it’ll probably be next winter if I remember. But my B.S. senses are tingling.


  18. MadMan21779 says:

    Look any auther will need to think of other things most people cant stay on the same idea for months on end and it can rot your mind and make you begin to hate it and start not wanting to so it. Now author I say this supporting yoh tryikng new ideas and new book but please try and write a little bit of the game a day or when you write this is not to post chapters to here but more so you do not throw away a great book that you have with two publishes under your belt so I plead with you to force yourself to try and write maybe a paragraph or two when you write so you do not leave it behind while i encourage you to continue your second book if anything try and create a tab on here to post it as a side project but if you dont write for this story will start to forget what happens and feel like a different person when you do try and take it up and you will not feel like its you if you dont believe me try going back and reading something yuou have written in the past and see.


  19. Ifoldforweed says:


    I think the gam3 was just a one hit wonder. The second book wasnt on par anymore with the first. The 3rd book was suppossed to be the highlight oh the series.

    I have quite some interactions via mail with other scifi or litrpg authors. cosmio never understood, that social media is the way to go to create a community.

    He problay lack the courage to go all in and just see him as one hit wonder. Probaly the second author after Michael Atamanov, I wont buy a book again.


    • aa says:

      aleron kong, cosimo jap are top two, atamanov if you operate away the russian “everyone is slaughtering us” out of him pretty good except book 4 in shaman series and I dono the rest of them?! he has dropped the ball latelly and hard and yes he just got lucky with first shaman books i think, even cosim is way superior to atamanov


      • Ifoldforweed says:

        Atamanov wrote the Perimeter Defence Series, which was copy of an old scfi opra from the 50’s
        “The Star Kings”
        Which is fine, but he copied the ending 1to1, which is lazy and is my main complaint. why I wouldnt buy a book of him again.

        I think aleron`s books are declining in quality, too.

        The books which I enjoyed most lately, where Codename: Freedom: from Apollos and the Ascend saga of Luke C.


  20. Scott. says:

    The level of angst here suggests a lot of people were really into the Gam3. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and think about that. Turning into a raging cyber-mob hell-bent on revenge isn’t the best way to encourage an author to finish their work.

    I do agree that the first chapter of The Death Games is not encouraging, but it IS the first unedited chapter of a brand new title. Chances are it’s going to be re-written a few times before we see the finished version, so give it a little slack.

    Here’s hoping we see a few more chapters of the Gam3 over the next couple of months to keep things moving.


    • Ifoldforweed says:

      I don’t know, if I would could it angst. Probaly quite a lot ppl, who are complaining bought the books, too.

      Its just I think he cornered himself with taking Eve out of the story for a bit. Eve was one of the main character’s and he just doenst know how to procede and problay to proud to revise this part of the story.

      In the end it his own career choice and he probaly just doenst know better at his age.


  21. There is something I hope those of you upset would consider. It doesn’t look good from a PR standpoint for Cosimo to post another story. I’ll give you that. I even understand it. But, I’ve been following Cosimo longer than most, over two years now, and think it would be helpful to remember that he has been working on this single series longer than that. If he is burnt out, then that’s part of being a writer. Not everyone is a Michael Chatfield, publishing every month. That’s insane. Even Aleron who published 6 books in two years took a break. It’s altogether reasonable.

    Here online, he has 5 books worth of content for us to read for free.He would make more money if he removed it and worked behind the scenes to publish it later. He isn’t able to use KU because he keeps it up here. It is costing him money. As an author, I can say long-term, 70% of the money I earn is via Kindle Unlimited. That is money he is leaving on the table to keep this content online.

    One of the reasons I have two series going at a time is so that I don’t get burned out. More than that, I have one that is light-hearted and one with serious tones. That is by design. I say embrace his new story and continue to hope whatever we can get when The Gam3 continues.

    If you have been following Cosimo for any length of time, you know he has struggled with this in the past, but he always comes back. The pattern is clear and I don’t expect it to change.

    His work has entertained me and that’s what it’s all about.

    Hope all is well man!


    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think the problem people have is with the fact that he is writing another book. It’s more about the fact that he has left us all hanging here and didn’t even tell us that he was going to be taking a break. If he is burnt out on this project, I completely understand, but I don’t want to be checking here every day hoping something new has been posted.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sorry. I don’t think I was explicit enough with my meaning. The communication issue and him seemingly disappearing is what has been his struggle. Part of it is being just out of college and trying to discipline himself. Another part is anxiety. No excuses. It just is what it is. My point is he has consistently been this way. I just expect it and move on. Most writers are kind of socially awkward or have anxiety issues. Cosimo is just more on the extreme side than most.

        Now, this isn’t supposed to be a rebuke. I’m just pragmatic with these kinds of things. I expect to have more Them Gam3 chapters in the future and will just take what I can get. I hope that makes sense.


    • Anonymous says:

      Apollos, love your writing….what you are seeing on this website is today’s generation that demands their free shit with no appreciation for actual work. They will never appreciate effort or kindness only demand more of it from productive people for free. More free shit has ruined their chance to be productive and thoughtful human beings. Cosimo’s work had a real chance to breakthrough to SciFi fans starving for new content. It’s a shame that by posting free shit, he posted his ruin.\

      Liked by 1 person

      • I really appreciate it! I think you are right to a point. Having so much free stuff online almost breeds that sentiment. I have had issues recently with people not understanding why I remove chapters after I publish. It is what it is.

        I do think the people here have more justification than most. Cosimo has even admitted this about himself before. He doesn’t keep deadlines and gets peoples hopes up, then doesn’t even communicate to them. It’s not cool, but he always comes back.

        I don’t see his window closed on any future writing, but I get what you’re saying. It was extremely generous for him to post these for free. He could have kept them behind a pay window on patreon but he didn’t. I have a family so I didn’t have the luxury of going there. I do think he would do a lot better moving off free content and publishing only. A patreon business model just doesn’t work if you aren’t consistent. It doesn’t fit his personality well if you ask me.



      • Terry Stevens says:

        Except in Cosimo’s case, he has published the first two books onto Amazon for the kindle. I know that I have downloaded both of these books, having read them there first before coming to this site. So whilst I appreciate that this is free, Cosimo still has the option to write privately and to release on Amazon exclusively, knowing (hopefully) that most of his fans are still going to buy the book. But since this has NOT been mentioned as a possibility due to financial constraints, as seen by not release an rough estimate of an ETA (as in September 2018 would suit me fine), he has pretty much tortured his fans as much as we don’t know if The Gam3 is MIA, KIA or simply on medical leave till it is feeling better. Even saying that till 2019 he will be on hiatus can let me know to stop looking three times a week to see if this has become live again.


  22. Anonymous says:

    I still wan’t my chapters. I know i need to chill but cosmo could get a co writer to help with the writers block.


    • Anonymous says:

      LOL Jay, I see you crying in a corner needing your hit of free shit…waaaaa, waaaaa, I want my free chapters!


    • allodassa says:

      Co-writing is a terrible idea; maybe if you want to talk about ideas, but honestly? aving more than one writer makes a story worse without a lot of planning, editing, and a literal fuck-ton of extra work taken to ensure consistency in style, flow and a plethora of other issues.
      -Taken from the son of a fantasy author


  23. Anonymous says:

    Just finished reading the last few updates and I cant help that the story is going of in some weird direction away from what drew me into it in the first place aliens and computer games.
    I hope you start getting away from the super conspiracy plot and more of the adventure comes back.


    • Cody. says:

      Yeah would be nice, but saying that last 6, one was goodish and promising especially liked one wear eve left him opened up so many exciting possibilities. But unfortunately seems author has abandoned this great series and moved onto new one that’s actually SHIT.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Its a overexploitation but is he die or just not responding


  25. bastiand says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    did it die for real this time?


  27. Anonymous says:

    The author should just site at a desk and start writing the gam3. It is not that hard I have dune it 1500 works in about 3 days. Mind the chapter is not that good I need to re-write the whole thing before posting it on RR. It’s fan-made about cyberspace within the gam3.


    • justafan says:

      what are you talking mate? I’m confused. are you saying that you made a fan made work ? or are you re-write this story on rrl and make it is yours? I’m confused! if you make a story, at least put the name here so I could read it. also 1500 work? not page or word? damn son! how long a chapter is that?


      • Anonymous says:

        I’m writing an story about cyberspace like it is in the gam3 with RPG / RTS elements.

        The Temp name is cyberspace until i can think of a better name. 1500 words mist spelled it.

        Also working on programming an game RPG / RTS style game based on what i have writing. Lets hope i don’t get distracted with shortest path problem again. I did spent 3 months working it out , did come up with a new search algorithm.


      • justafan says:

        can I get a link? I can’t find it in rrl


  28. random says:

    If you advertise your story in your comments focus a bit more your English (sit not site, done not dune misspell not mist spell). Just makes a bad impression, no matter wether your story is well written.

    As an aside what’s you search algorithm (which runtime for which problem) 🙂 ?


    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is the shortest path between two points or many points to one point it is used in RTS moving units around the map. I did find A* is a lot slow than the my algorithm at many points , even did some test maps to see the best and worst case timing. The algorithm is like Dijkstra’s but is customize to handle 2D grids and large number of units to a single target point on the map.


  29. Jaba says:

    sup jokers… waiting for an update, a new chapter? is it coming SOOON?!


  30. Cody. says:

    Aleron Kong is a greedy ass, and casino has vanished in hiding possibly because keeps letting fans down?


    • Jaba says:

      kong like a boss wrote 7 books, Cosimo what? 2 ish & some chaptrs for the 3rd trololo oh and yeah in his patreon new series has started 3 pages long WTF?! With Cosimo its like if the book gets published you could read it.. otherwise you are fucked full wait for a decade.


  31. Anonymous says:

    I’d love it for Cosimo to write again, anything will do. His style and way of writing always make me want more.

    Cosimo, please come back. Post something, anything.

    We miss you.


  32. UD10 says:

    What’s his twitter?
    Maybe more believable excuses.


  33. Anonymous says:

    for those who wwere exited xD by his tweets .. i told you he is just a liar with no words


  34. jedeatherage says:

    Everyone’s so upset the author isn’t catering to THEIR timetables. Life happens folks. I, for one, love the story and appreciate the fact that Cosimo is kind enough to share it with us for FREE as it is being written. In the meantime however, for those of who feel so PERSONALLY accosted by the lack of new content, please allow me to make a recommendation. Try Patrick Rothfuss’ “The Name of the Wind” and “A Wise Man’s Fear” to help you pass the time.


  35. Anonymous says:

    I just want to know if there will be another one


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