An Update and an Audiobook

Hi everyone, sorry about the long hiatus. Unfortunately it will probably be another few weeks before I get a new chapter up. I don’t want The Gam3 to be just another litrpg series, I want it to be the best litrpg series. Or best sci-fi series. Or maybe one of the best series period. It might not ever reach that point, but I want to do the best I can.

To get there takes time, and focus. So I’m working on the second book, Earth’s Gambit. I tried to both edit and write new chapters, but I ended up mostly working on new chapters. I understand that people want more chapters, but the majority of my income has come from Opening Move’s sales, and I want Earth’s Gambit to do just as well or better. Also, there will be plenty of new content in the second book. Hopefully it’s good.

I feel like I posted the first book too soon, but at the same time the trend is to try to get books out as soon as possible, especially in this genre. I also feel like I’m continuing to develop and learn more as a writer as time goes on. Perhaps I should stop writing about what I feel and just write… I don’t know.

Anyways, I’m trying to do a lot more revision/editing than I did for the first book, we’ll see how it turns out. I now estimate the release for the second book to be around January. (But I’ve tended to underestimate things in the past, so we’ll see.)

In other news, the first book, Opening Moves, is available to preorder on Audible ! The official audiobook release is scheduled to be November 29th, less than two weeks away! I’ve worked with Podium Publishing to produce this audiobook and I’ve been nothing but impressed. If audiobooks are your thing, check it out, or recommend it to friends!

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I will continue to keep the Patreon campaign paused, and will until I catch back up with the chapters I owe.

TL;DR Still working on the second book, Earth’s Gambit, and the audiobook for Opening Moves is available for pre-order!

57 comments on “An Update and an Audiobook

  1. compass96 says:

    We’ll wait. I’m looking forward to it.


  2. gokadus says:

    Thank you for the update. I’m looking forward to new chapters and will definitely get the audiobook!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update! Happy that you let us know

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  4. Seth says:

    Thanks for the update, take all the time you need to write your best story for book two. Looking forward to buying it on Amazon.

    Also, for good word-of-mouth sales for the Audiobook you should join the LitRPG Facebook group. Close to two thousand fans and readers of the genre. 🙂


  5. Anonymous says:

    No worries, I will more than happily buy the book when it comes out. I’ve read almost every piece of litrpg out there, both ebook and on RoyalRoadL, and yours is still one my favs. I don’t want the quality to drop and I certainly don’t want you to burn out or get discouraged as a writer. Do what you need to do, and know that your fans will support you.


  6. Jay says:

    How on earth are all those tables of stats going to work in an audiobook?

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  7. Apollos Thorne says:

    I hear you! Well, not yet, but soon…


  8. ssd says:

    at least you never abandoned your work. its one of the best that I’ve read this days, so please be well and keep continue it. I don’t mind the waiting, even for years if its quality still good I’ll keep reading it.


  9. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the update. It really is one of the best stories out there. Looking forward to the books


  10. ultragunner says:

    Actually a good idea. 2nd book was too rough to sell well, a good polish and it will shine I’m sure. Good luck on the edits, I know it’s a totally different beast from writing altogether


  11. Gauntlet-KI says:

    I think you should turn off the ability for us to leave comments. though a few items are still changed every chapter with our comments. Do you use grammerly?

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  12. Rubix45 says:

    Thank you for the update. Best of luck in all you do.


  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m really enjoying the audiobook. Nice work.


  14. dktz00 says:

    I finished the audiobook, which was AWESOME btw, and now I can do is wait for the next one


  15. Anonymous says:

    I, like most people here, am fine waiting. But please continue to give us updates on what is happening, and when you plan on giving out new chapters
    Thanks 🙂

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Got it on Audible. Great book! Left a 5 star rating.


  17. Anonymous says:

    I concur, an update, even if it’s a short one, would keep the hounds at bay. 🙂


  18. Anonymous says:

    Hey! glad to see you kept writing! Didn’t realize you put up this site so I’ve been catching up. This is GRIZZx42x from royalroadl. Wanting to purchase your book for kindle but still want to get a kindle first. =p any news or updates? hope all’s been well. =D


  19. Anonymous says:

    Well done, keep writing you have a winner!


  20. Bobo says:

    Am actually glad to hear you are taking your time. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read the first book. You set an extremely high bar for yourself, but given the talent seen in the first book, I’m sure you will surpass my personal expectations on the second.

    As antsy as I am to see the second book, I’d much rather see perfection. I applaud your decision and self-restraint. Any author, or person for that matter needs encouragement every now and again, so I say put your thoughts down! 🙂

    Quite frankly, the only thing that could please me further, is to be able to purchase a hardcopy of your book. I reserve purchasing hardcopies for my favorites..even after having read them!

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  21. Ola says:

    Will the second book be released on audible as well? If so, do you have any estimate about how long it will take to come out after the written book is released?

    I am listening to it right now and I absolutely adore it!


  22. oblivious says:

    There’s a feature of the game that prevents you from hearing or understanding information you don’t meet the requirements for. Let’s hypothesize that this is done at least partly through the translation feature. Maybe Alan could use Hide Presence to cut himself off from the translation feature, and use Hypertranslation to hear or communicate restricted information.

    This is supported by Lambda being able to bypass some restrictions. He can do some things manually (translation) without depending on automatic systems, and he can bypass some restrictions. So it makes sense to think the restrictions are implemented through the automatic systems.


  23. CorpseMoney says:

    Please start the abyss volume over again, it got really shit really fast. Everything before that is great. This is only book two right, the main character has no need to meet the big guy right now. He’s barely done anything in the world.


    • Szkita5 says:

      Agree. The story is yours so you should do with it what you like, but as a reader i felt good that Alan did not betray the guild but something did not change for once. Too many things are happrning too fast with the Authorities and so many dimensions within the game, he is just getting all-powerful without the adventure or gameplay, it is just unveiling more and more layers of lore. The ideas were genuinly very interesting, just implemented too fast.


  24. Guny Sa says:

    I jest reread all the chapters because I love it so much. Can’t wait for new chapters or a new publication of the new book


  25. borat says:

    Happy new year!
    Great stories you write here
    Gj! Very Nice


  26. savantweb says:

    Hey, all the gam3 fans!
    Since we are all waiting, I was wondering if you could check my novel out, I write online like Ephemerality, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    PS: Btw I write in the fantasy genre but not the LitRPG genre


    • Anonymous says:

      Peddling your book on another’s site is considered bad form unless you have the author’s blessing. Just an FYI.


      • DragonChild says:

        Well, its not like Cosmio has ever shown anything other than bad form, fucktard takes money on patreon and never delivers on his promises… 4 months now that he hasnt released a new chapter…. and that is just THIS one time, im not even going to start over all the promises he made to the patreons for donations that he NEVER fullfilled…

        Cosmio is nothing more than a scam artist .

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  27. WalrusWaffle says:

    Cool book. Alan always gets deals like help me or DIE and whose side you on. Omega, revenant, abyss predecessor, icewolf, and black rose guild. Throw him a bone all he got recently is Lambda and he hasn’t done anything super cool.


  28. EO says:

    Just went through the Kindle of opening moves. I love the streamlining you’ve done with the editing as well as additions!
    Looking forward to future work!
    I will keep waiting,


  29. NewFan2017 says:

    I bought the first book on audible and loved it! I went searching for more and found this site. I binge read all the chapters in two days and can’t wait for more. Keep up the good work!


  30. Nao says:

    can we get a news update on the status of new chapters and the second book?


  31. Showmewhatchugot says:

    The audiobooks got me reading here and now I’m left wanting more.

    Really love that you actively post chapters sharing them with the community.


  32. Anonymous says:

    Definitely not dropped, though there have been a few snags. Will try to put together a more comprehensive post once the cover for the 2nd books is finished.


    • Apollos Thorne says:

      Cosimo? Is that you? I think you forgot to turn off your stealth skill my friend. Does that mean the cover is coming soon? The second book is coming soon?


  33. Anonymous says:

    Jan. 14 Is all okay?

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  34. Anonymous says:

    So how long till the release of the second book, if you could give us an estimate.


  35. anonymous says:

    anyone here? got bored and just visiting this to check.


  36. DragonChild says:

    we are close to 4 fucking months with 0 updates. Great, really shows Cosmio’s fucking commitment to his Patreons…..


  37. Anonymous says:

    love the story. just the wait is killing me so much i start writing different ending to see what i could come up with. I have try different types of story from chines to the ultimate pawnage ( 4 Pawnage one after another). I had alen become many different classes from designer to teacher and every thing in between.


  38. Razengarde says:

    Well this is one of the most awesome webnovels I’ve read to date! Patiently waiting for an update ✌☺


  39. Gylion says:

    Patience friends. Patience…..


  40. I have faith says:

    Go to his patreon. He has suspended payments until march 1st. Expect an update from him then.


  41. Anonymous says:

    I will definitely buy this book. Honestly I think it’s already awesome. Love the action and the story of book two. So don’t take too long, after all the best is different for every person and you will never please them all.

    This story is awsome.


  42. Anonymous says:

    Can someone tell me if any new chapters have come out.. its end of March and we have been waiting since Nov 😦 .. Ephemerality I am a big fan of your work, can you please let us know when the next chapter will come out least a teaser


  43. Willie Pierce says:

    Keep in mind that it is possible to over edit a book


  44. Karashina says:

    Maybe but it’s still 9 months of waiting for nothing rn …


  45. Came highly recommended. Wasn’t worth the letdown of an unfinished series.

    There should really be a mandatory lable on series.


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