Most of my life has passed by like a dream. Nothing has stood out, there is no defining moment or event that I’ll remember forever. I’ve just gone through the motions: going to school, looking for work, hanging with friends. But nothing ever grabbed my attention; there was no purpose to it all. Then I started writing The Gam3.

For the first time I felt as though I had purpose, drive, this was the first time I really put my all into anything, and it felt good. What was even more amazing was the response that I’ve gotten, the fans who have continued to share the story with others, post helpful comments, buy the book, and leave reviews. A large part of this decision has only been made possible by you guys, who have supported The Gam3.

I am going to write full time.

I know it’s a long shot, that I’ll likely have to find a programming job and just keep writing as a hobby, but right now I have no obligations other than student loans. So I’m going to chase this dream, the one thing that seems real right now. I hope to succeed.

To do that, to actually make a living, I’ve done a few things. First, I’ve started a Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/thegam3. If you want more chapters/the next novel faster, this is how you can get them. Secondly, as you’ve probably noticed I’ve created my own website, thegam3.com. This gives me more control, and hopefully allows for easier reading. Third, I’ve started a few other projects. Don’t worry, The Gam3 is my first and foremost priority, but depending on my free time (and which Patreon goals are met) I have a few other ideas. One or two might be posted here, and will be in The Gam3 universe. A few others I’m not so sure about, we’ll see.

So, reader, thank you for your time, I hope that you continue with me on this amazing journey. Dare to dream, because who knows what might happen.


15 comments on “Dreaming

  1. gingerbread_man says:

    Good luck with writing full time, I love you’re work and will support you were I can. Unfortunately I’m a bit low on the monies right now so I probably wont be able to provide any kind of regular financial support :(. Still I’ll always be here reading you’re work.


  2. Zyithe says:

    I hope you have fun writing! For us to know what we truly love to do, we have to try everything we can and not just go with the flow. It sounds like writing is something you are passionate about and that is great! I hope you do great and I will try to support you when I can. I look forward to reading your great work.


  3. zeddo says:

    Awesome man!

    If I can give you some advice: with something like writing, I think the goal should be to become a skilled writer, rather than a famous one.

    If you master your craft and put your work out there, success will find YOU! So focus on the long term goal of developing your skills, and don’t get discouraged if you aren’t immediately successful. From what I can tell, you’re a young dude – you’ve got a long writing career ahead of you. Although there’s places you can improve, your work so far has been very promising! In my opinion the only way you WON’T succeed is if you give up. Go get ’em tiger!


  4. Srozka says:

    First- sory if you would feel ofended in later text, I`m learning how to write, what i meaned.

    Did you read ” 7 habits of highly efectife people” or “Talent is overrated” ? I highly recommend it to give it a schot.
    Did you think about what you do, when you wouldn’t have that income you wanted? Beceause everything is about trainig in the right way and preserving in it.
    Last – I like very much `The Gam3` and your style. Thats why, I am egoistic and want you to become a great writer. But, becoming a good novelist, specially if you want live from it is hard, and most people resign after few months. Beceause there were obstacles. But, most people didn’t deep think, that obstacles always exist, it does not make a difference what you do.
    PS Yes, I know my english could be better
    PS2 I wish you success


  5. Aner says:

    “We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell


  6. illinois1 says:

    Shooting myself in the foot Here. As a published author it isn’t cool to have your recently published book gam3 posted for free on the author’s website. When you have released more books it might be a good publicity move or useful to attract new readers, but right now it is just telling people not to buy your book. And is a slap in the face to people who actually put money down. Strategically half the book for free is about as extreme most authors ever go. Selling e-copies on site is cool or even moving all but a couple of sample chapters to your patreon account can work.

    All business Decisions only you can make.

    Sorry to be a negative nelly. I really like your work. I heard that what make a writer is writing. I hope Gam3 keeps coming I am looking forward to reading more of your work. I hope you succeed and maybe someday make it to the best seller list.

    Congratulations on Gam3 and I am looking forward to the next book.


    • Ephemerality says:

      Hi, I understand your concerns and have been thinking about them myself, but The Gam3 has always been online for free in full, I just moved the chapters here. The main reason it ended up in novel form was supporters/donators to the web serial. I also think the main reason it sold so well and was noticed on Amazon was because of the readers that also bought and recommended the book.

      The book is different from the web serial, enough I think to justify the cost, which is about the same as a cup of coffee or two. Also at the end of the day I’m not really in it for the money. I’ve gotten used to writing for a web serial and think the process helps me write in many ways. I also think that The Gam3 is great as a web serial, whereas other projects aren’t, thus I’ll probably publish them differently. At the end of the day I understand that it might be a bad business decision to have the chapters up here for free, but I think it’s the right choice for me as a writer.


      • kthrelegon says:

        Not really. There are a bunch of authors who do this; so much so, in fact, that there’s a dedicated site for this kind of writing: webfictionguide.com. The practice of offering things for free, with an option of buying them, goes beyond books, even. Look up the Eclipse Phase tabletop rpg. Anyway, thank you for your writing, and I really appreciate your effort to try and start keeping a schedule. I know how difficult that is, I participated in the 2015 NaNoWriMo, haha. Good luck, and I’m eagerly watiting for a new chapter! 🙂


      • Chance says:

        I think that it’s the right choice to have it in this format, because another author that I know of, Christopher Nuttall, wrote online for the first few books of his Schooled in Magic series, while having them published on Amazon, and then when he got to around the fifth book he stopped posting online and started only selling the books. I could definitely see this series going the same route, and a lot of readers would most certainly be willing to pay money for a copy of the book to support the author that has given them their story and communicated with them.


  7. Anonymous says:

    I found your series on an LitRPG list, that had both your book link and your web series. I read the first couple chapters online, then I bought the e-book (kindle, I like to read outside), and then continued back to your online posts afterward. I then reread the first 2 arcs online to see what changed. They are very different from each other, and its cool to get a glimpse into the creation process. Its a rough version of the final product, its not the final product for free online.

    I suggest posting a little window on the side showing your monthly goal stuff. The people need a little visual that they don’t have to search for letting them know that they can get more posts from you. (or at least help me get more posts out of you; I need it man, I got the gam3 fever)

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  8. Scott says:

    Great job on Book 1 and I look forward to buying Book 2. Happy as a clam I can start reading it here. There is another author I follow that does chapters every week on his site then publishes. Check out “Super Powereds” by Drew Haynes ( http://www.drewhayesnovels.com/superpowereds/ )

    Drew has a good thing going, you may find some of what he is doing useful.

    Good luck in a writing career, if that is your passion. I will be sure to keep an eye out for all your books.



    • Ephemerality says:

      Thanks 🙂 I actually got into web serials through the web fiction guide, I’m somewhat up to date on the top 15 stories or so on topwebfiction.com Super Powereds is definitely great. Nick is naturally my favorite character.


  9. Anonymous says:

    I found your site through twf, and it has been very interesting. I wish you luck in your goal of supporting yourself by writing.


  10. Captain Napalm says:

    Thank you for the story.


  11. Damien says:

    TBH I read the premise of your book and im not usually into the genre so I nearly didnt buy it, but OMFG what a great book looking forward to the rest being on audible, keep up the fantastic work!!!!!


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